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Year End Strategies 2018-2019

(May 2019)

  • Essential record keeping at year-end
  • Tax tips for property investors
  • 2019 end of financial year checklist
  • Getting PAYG withholding right

30 Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill

(May 2019)

  • Personal – Strategies to minimise your personal tax bill
  • Business – Reduce costs by claiming these deductions
  • Property – Depreciation, negative gearing and more!

31 Edition – Tax Matters

(April 2019)

  • Changes to PAYG withholding obligations
  • How property investors can get more back
  • Say goodbye to AUSKey

Issue 20 – Super Matters Newsletter

(March 2019)

  • High-risk SMSF areas being monitored by the ATO
  • SMSF trustee investment strategy checklist
  • Super contributions splitting

30 Edition – Tax Matters

(February 2019)

  • Instant asset write-off for small businesses to be extended and increased
  • Scam warning from ATO
  • Tax traps the ATO is watching

Issue 19 – Super Matters Newsletter

(December 2018)

  • A guide to binding death benefit nominations
  • Benefits and risks of cryptocurrencies for your SMSF
  • ATO reviews diverting PSI to SMSFs

29 Edition – Tax Matters

(November 2018)

  • ATO phone scam alert
  • ATO’s new guidelines for FBT exemption on vehicles
  • Government fast-tracks tax cuts for small and medium businesses

End Of Year Update ’18

(November 2018)

  • System overhauls for secure data
  • The Government issues ban on ESST
  • Extra conditions for CGT concessions

28 Edition – Tax Matters

(October 2018)

  • Claiming the $20,000 instant asset write-off
  • Targeted amendments to Division 7A
  • Changes to GST at settlement forms

Issue 18 – Super Matters

(October 2018)

  • Your super and divorce
  • ATO issues SBSCH reminder
  • Acquiring assets legally in a SMSF

Issue 16 – Super Matters Newsletter

(March 2018)

  • Common SMSF mistakes to avoid
  • Setting up your SMSF correctly
  • Exiting your SMSF

Estate Planning – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Putting-off estate planning could mean handing key decisions about your estate to a stranger later.

26 Edition – Tax Matters

(February 2018)

  • Property investors reminded of new deduction rules
  • Extended due date for 2016-17 SMSF returns
  • FBT issues that raise ATO attention

Issue 15 – Super Matters

(December 2017)

  • Keeping your SMSF compliant while overseas
  • Getting super payments correct
  • SMSF preparations for 2018

It’s only a sale once you GET PAID

You’ve perfected your sales pitch but unless the money is in the bank, the job is only half done. Fortunately the right business structure can help you manage your cashflow.

25 Edition – Tax Matters

(November 2017)

  • ATO offers leniency to small business owners
  • Avoiding scams
  • Trends uncovered by the Black Economy Taskforce

Issue 14 – Super Matters

(October 2017)

  • Strategies to bulk up your super before retirement
  • Carrying on a business in an SMSF
  • Super vs mortgage

End of Year Update

(October 2017)

  • End-of-year ad min tasks
  • Kickstart your holiday marketing
  • The gift of FBT-free giving
  • Going green in the new year
  • And more!

Super-charge Your Superannuation

Recent changes to the rules around superannuation means that super still provides great wealth creation opportunities for small business owners but the key is to start acting sooner.

24 Edition – Tax Matters

(August 2017)

  • Managing your GST liability
  • Using the $20,000 instant asset write-off
  • ATO targeting work-related expenses

7 Things to know about owning an investment property

  1. Why own an investment property?
  2. You need an investment strategy
  3. Property can be held in different entities
  4. You can claim immediate deductions
  5. Other expenses can be deducted over several years
  6. There are ongoing costs associated with property investment
  7. Negative gearing

SP Superannuation and tax year end planning 2017

The end of the financial year always seems to crop up faster than it should. Given the impending July 2017 superannuation changes, being on top of your end of financial year planning is as important as it has ever been.

23 Edition – Tax Matters

(May 2017)

  • Keeping Taxpayers honest
  • CGT events affecting shareholders
  • Rates increase for fuel tax credits

Year End Strategies

(April 2017)

  • Staying on top of your record
  • CGT relief provisions for SMSFs
  • 2017 year end tips
  • Super reforms on the way

Issue 12 – Super Matters

(March 2017)

  • Preparing for contribution cap changes
  • What is an arm’s length transaction?
  • Insurance through super: is it right for you?

22 Edition – Tax Matters

(Feb 2017)

  • Extended Deadlines for SMSFs
  • CGT exemptions for depreciating assets
  • ATO issues ruling on bad debts

End of Year Update

  • Tips for avoiding Division 7 A penalties
  • Tap into the spending season
  • Overlooked issues in estate planning
  • An FBT-friendly Christmas
  • Wills and blended families

21 Edition – Tax Matters


  • Changing the structure of your business
  • ATO crackdown on trusts
  • Selling an inherited property

20 Edition – Tax Matters


  • ATO crackdown on work-related expenses
  • How do franking credits work?
  • Tax tips for property investors

19 Edition – Tax Matters


  • Industries on the ATO’s radar this year
  • Federal Budget – superannuation changes
  • ATO to focus on collectables
  • Federal Budget – Individuals
  • Tax on gifts and donations
  • Federal Budget – flexible super

11 Issue – Super Matters


  • ATO releases new Taxation Determination
  • Benefits of franking credits
  • Adding children to a super fund

10 Issue – Super Matters


  • SMSF alternative to borrowing
  • Overview of 2016/17 super contribution rules
  • Contribution rules for over-65s

9 Issue – Super Matters 2016


  • Incentives for greater super flexibility
  • Splitting super with your spouse
  • LEBA deadline extended

8 Issue – Super Matters


  • When an SMSF member becomes bankrupt
  • Maximising your current superannuation benefits
  • Borrowing for property investment

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